Frequently Asked Questions


A new menu will be released at the start of each school term, in order to incorporate the most fresh & seasonal ingredients. Menus will be made available to view online through

& Pick Up

Lunches are delivered to school around 11:30AM, and the boxes are picked up & taken home for cleaning, sanitizing and re-packing at the end of the school day.


If you would like to use your Planet Box during the school holidays, please let us know in the notes section of your last order before the school breaks up and we will make arrangements!


Any questions about your children’s lunches? Feel free to reach out any time through

Sick Days & Snow Days

Regretfully, I cannot accommodate cancellations for sick days, snow days or any other days your child may not be eating lunch at school. This is simply because the food has already been purchased. 

Field Trips

I can provide Love Bomb Lunches if your child is going on a field trip as long as I know one week in advance. Please check your child's calendar and let me know. The Love Bomb Lunch will be provided in environmentally friendly recyclable packaging, rather than in the Launch Planet Box. 


Should you choose to cancel your commitment with us, please allow one week’s notice. Your Planet Box will be returned to you at this time.