Nothing makes us happier than when our clients share their own love bombs with us!

“Love Bomb Lunches have been the perfect addition to our family. Seeing how passionate and dedicated Jennifer is to providing the very best lunch for our boys is truly heartwarming. It’s not just a lunch but the whole experience that’s made with love that is so unique! Thank you for existing.”

“Love Bomb Lunches is like a nourishing hug all divvied up in a bento box. Complete with a daily note of inspiration and hope.”

“As a busy mom of two little boys, mornings in our house are chaotic at best. Love Bomb Lunches has given me the chance to take some of the chaos away. I find that not having to worry about lunch in the morning gives me the opportunity to connect more with my kids. I have more time to help them get ready and to sit down with them for breakfast...these are precious moments to me and I so very thankful for the chance to enjoy it... Oh and have I mentioned how delicious the food is???

My son Owen is a picky eater, and it was a struggle to find him lunches that he not only liked, but that were also good for him. I found that I often made the easier choice rather than the healthy one and I was getting serve mommy-guilt!! Since we started with Love Bomb Lunches things have changed dramatically. Owen is now getting a delicious, healthy and balanced lunch which he thoroughly enjoys. I can see the difference in him...he comes home with more energy and is so much happier with his lunch experience. As a mom, it gives me such a sense of peace to know that he is getting a balanced diet that will help him succeed academically, physically and emotionally. I am so thankful to Love Bomb Lunches for making our day that much better!! 

Owen and I have been loved bombed and we couldn’t be happier!!

— Natalie Schwenger